Vote100 Summer Fellowship 2024

The current application cycle has not opened yet, but check back for more information!


Getting Involved with Vote100

Bringing up politics can be frightening because many times it leads to disagreement. However, everyone's opinion, concerns, and voice deserve to be heard. One important way that these voices are heard is through voting and civic engagement, but these are best accomplished when all capable voters share their opinion through the vote. There are more ways than just submitting a ballot that any member of the campus community can undertake to help promote Voto100's vision of 100% voter participation. 

Ways that students can help promote civic engagement:

  • Discuss upcoming elections to remind friends and others other deadlines
  • Register to vote with others through TurboVote
  • Share important voting dates at club meetings or events
  • Participate in University elections such as elections for Class Government, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and more. Voting is a habit, so we encourage you to vote in all of these elections.

Another way you can make a tangible impact is by becoming a member of the Vote100 team. Vote100's team consists of Princeton undergraduates and graduate students, faculty, and staff. Students have many options for becoming a member of Vote100: 

Fellows & Head Fellows work closely with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students throughout the academic year. Fellows strategize voter engagement plans, events, and partnerships with on- and off-campus nonpartisan groups. If you are interested in becoming a fellow, look out for the application in the spring and fill out this interest form!

Summer Fellows assess current data on student voting patterns and come up with creative strategies that will cultivate a culture of voting enthusiasm on Princeton's campus. Our goal is for Vote100 Fellows to create a comprehensive plan to utilize social and organizational networks to reach every undergraduate on campus and enlist the help of student volunteers in completing this task. If you are interested in the summer fellowship, please fill out this application!

Ambassadors support Vote100 programs and civic engagement outreach. Ambassadors are members of the campus community, usually involved in other extracurriculars or clubs willing to help promote Vote100’s mission to the clubs and groups they are a part of. Ambassadors can choose to partner with Vote100’s events or put on events of their own within the theme of our mission, and potentially, Ambassadors can receive Vote100 funding for these projects! If you are interested or have ideas that you want to share, fill out the interest form!

State Directors communicate state specific datelines and policies to Princeton students across the county. They are a main point of contact for any member of the Princeton community who has any questions about voting in the State Directors assigned state. State Directors usually sign up to be the contact for a state that they either lived in, voted in, or are deeply familiar with so that they are better suited for helping others. If you are interested in being the much needed support, especially for first-years who are voting for the first time, please fill out this form as well.

If you have questions about Vote100, reach out to Eric Flora ( from ODUS.