Twenty-Six Undergraduates Selected as Vote100 Fellows

  • Posted on: 29 June 2020
  • By: Vote100 Team
VOTE Letters on Stage at Richardson Auditorium

Twenty-six students have been selected as recipients of the inaugural Vote100 Summer Fellowship. Sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, the Vote100 Summer Fellowship is a newly established internship program focused on promoting voter and civic engagement within the Princeton community.

Over the course of ten weeks this summer, the Vote100 Fellows will work collaboratively with one another and various Princeton administrators to implement strategies that will increase campus voter registration and participation, as well as foster a spirit of civic engagement amongst Princetonians.

Fellows were selected from a competitive pool of applicants and are involved in a wide variety of co-curricular activities, including the Asian American Student Association, Varsity Soccer, Class Government, Business Today, and Woke Wednesdays.

Vote100 Summer Fellows 2020

Corazón Núñez is a rising sophomore from Tucson, Arizona majoring in Molecular Biology with a minor in Linguistics. On campus, she is a member of both Expressions Dance Company and Más Flow Dance Company. She has previously organized voter registration drives with the League of Women Voters and interned for Gun Violence Prevention Arizona, and she is so excited to start working with Vote100!

Ella Gantman is a rising Sophomore pursuing a concentration in either politics or in the Princton School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Spanish and American studies. On campus, she is a member of Wilson College and plays on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team. Ella was Hunan, China but was adopted into a Jewish-Hispanic-American household as a 1-year-old, which fostered an appreciation for diversity from a young age. She is a proud Washington, D.C. native and was raised on Capitol Hill, surrounded by federal politics and consequently has always been intrigued by civic and voter engagement. Ella is  incredibly excited to be a Vote100 Summer Fellow and hopes to work alongside my peers to transform campus culture so that every student knows the power of their vote, and in turn, their voice.

Susan Baek is a first-year pursuing a degree in the Princton School of Public and International Affairs and a certificate in Cognitive Science. She is the creator and host of P’s in a Pod, a podcast that promotes student discourse on salient issues by interviewing Princeton students. She is an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, Secretary of Princeton Mock Trial, a staff writer for Princeton Legal Journal, and a member of Whig-Clio. She lives in Clarksville, Maryland, and her favorite things include movies, NPR, and Lebron James. She is a big believer in political participation and as a Vote100 Fellow, she hopes to transform civic apathy into informed enthusiasm on and off campus.

Marilena Zigka is a rising sophomore from Thessaloniki, Greece who intends to major in the School of Public and International Affairs and pursue certificates in Journalism, French and Entrepreneurship. On campus, she is a student leader for the Davis International Center and a photographer for the Lewis Center for the Arts. Marilena enjoys playing volleyball and remaining involved in the European Youth Parliament. Descending from the birthplace of democracy as well as growing up in times of political turbulence and financial austerity has instilled in Marilena a deep faith for civic participation and ensuring that all voices are heard. In a campus as diverse as Princeton’s, Marilena believes Vote 100 truly upholds the motto “In the nation’s service and the service of humanity” by encouraging all the pioneers, artists and dreamers to cast their ballots and be the change they want to see in the world.

Kesavan Srivilliputhur is a member of the Class of ’23 and a prospective Chemistry major from Dallas, Texas. Aside from loving chemistry, he is very passionate about politics and civic engagement. On campus, Kesavan serves as the Policy Advocate for the Asian American Student Association (AASA) to help increase the Asian American political footprint. Aside from AASA, he is an active member in Princeton College Democrats and the Princeton Hindu Satsangam. In his spare time, Kesavan enjoys keeping current with politics and tennis. He is  incredibly honored to have been chosen as a Vote100 Summer Fellow. Kesavan hopes to use this role to bring AASA and Vote100 together so that we can get as many Princetonians voting as possible!

Lyubomir Hadjiyski is a senior in the School of Public and International Affairs with a certificate in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, on campus he competes with the Model UN team, is executive editor at Business Today, and runs an EU policy blog. Last summer, he worked as a policy analysis intern at the European Commission, where he helped further the organization’s goal of promoting the rule of law in Eastern Europe. He is especially eager to devise strategies that foster civic engagement among students who are ineligible to vote in US elections.

Dylan Shapiro is a freshman in First College from Atlanta, Georgia. At home, he has worked to protect and expand voting rights for all Georgians as a field organizer with Let America Vote during the 2018 midterms, an organization dedicated to creating a political constituency for voting rights. On campus, he is the Vice President of Legislative Affairs with the Princeton Democrats, and is the chair of the film/editing committee for Woke Wednesdays, an organization that provides students a platform to share their thoughts about issues on campus. He is passionate about making it easier for everyone to have their voice heard in politics, both by protecting every citizen’s right to vote and by encouraging everyone to exercise that right.

Joseph Shipley is a rising junior from New York City, concentrating in History and pursuing a Russian Language and Culture Certificate. He is one of the captains of the Princeton Mock Trial Team and a volunteer tutor with the Petey Greene Program, an organization dedicated to continuing the education of incarcerated people. Currently, Joe is a research assistant for a project tracking disinformation campaigns around the world. He is extremely grateful to be working with the Vote100 initiative to help Princeton students make their voices heard and to give back to this incredible community.

Brittani Telfair is a rising junior from Richmond, Virginia majoring in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and considering certificates in creative writing, Spanish, and urban studies.  She is a Fields Fellow, a program chair for the Princeton Student Events Committee, and the treasurer of Songline Slam Poetry.  Next semester, she will also serve as a Community Action leader and a mentor for the Princeton University Mentoring Program.

Shannon Chaffers is a rising Junior from Wellesley, Massachusetts. She is concentrating in Sociology, and pursuing certificates in Journalism, African-American Studies, and German. In addition to being an active Whig-Clio member, Shannon is an Associate Editor for the Daily Princetonian, a percussionist in the Wind Ensemble, and a member of Club Basketball. Last summer she interned at the Central Coordinating Center for Refugee Integration at Technical University Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany. After graduation, she is interested in pursuing a career in journalism.

Nelson Dimpter is a rising junior in the Department of Economics. He is from Riverton, New Jersey and enjoys following financial markets, playing strategy games, and jogging to start his day. On campus, Nelson serves as the Executive Director of Princeton Model Congress, President and Founder of the Princeton Jeopardy Circuit, member of Projects Board, and part of the Federal Reserve Challenge Team. Working with local, state, and national campaigns since 2016, he understands the disparities that exist between enthusiastic and apathetic views of voting. Nelson is looking forward to being a Vote100 Fellow this summer because the initiative perfectly aligns with his philosophy of universally informed, registered, and engaged voters. He believes that Princeton University can show the nation and the world what it means to be involved at all levels of community, using everything we achieve through Vote100 this election cycle as a model to get out the vote in 2020 and beyond.

Nicholas Wooldridge is a rising senior from Frankfort, Kentucky studying history. On campus, he is  a member of the men’s lightweight rowing team and works at Dillon Gym. Nick had previously been a fellow in ODUS’s Next Generation Citizenship program, an orientation leader, and member of the Whitman College Council. During the summer of 2018, he participated in the Princeton-in-Munich program, and has interned on Capitol Hill the past two summers, as well. Nick is very excited to get involved with the Vote100 campaign and civic engagement on Princeton’s campus!

Ana Blanco is a member of Princeton’s Class of 2023. She was born in Cuba and raised in the always sunny Miami, Florida. Ana is a prospective School of Public and International Affairs or Politics major and  intends to pursue certificates in French and Global Health. She currently serves as the co-president of Princeton Against Gun Violence, a Community Action leader, and is a member of Service Focus’s Advocacy Cohort. Ana additionally  competes on Princeton’s Model United Nations Team and plays on the women’s club basketball team. In her free time, Ana enjoys going to the beach, running, playing basketball, and watching movies. She is extremely passionate about activism and advocacy and is very excited to be a Vote100 Fellow this summer!

Emma Parish is a rising senior concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs with a certificate in Asian American Studies. Her academic focus is on political engagement. She is involved with the Undergraduate Student Government, currently serving as the President of the Class of 2021 and the Chair of the Students Groups Recognition Committee. She is also a Whitman RCA, an Orange Key Tour Guide, and the Community Outreach Chair for the Cap and Gown Club. Emma is from Tenafly, New Jersey and her favorite things include chocolate and Ed Sheeran. She is excited to combine her passion for civic engagement with her love for Princeton as a Vote100 Fellow this summer!

Adam Elkins is a first year student here at Princeton in First College, and a prospective concentrator in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. He is from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, where he lives with his parents, younger brother, and an adorable dog named Missy. Before college, Adam was active in volunteering and interning for local political campaigns. Here on campus, he spends a lot of his time with Whig-Clio; He currently is on the Model United Nations travel team, where he serves as the social chair, and he is on the Model Congress executive board as Director of Staff. Once we’re back on campus, you will find him working at Firestone Library, or enjoying long bike rides and knitting hats.

Abby Poten is a member of the class of 2023  from Sebastopol, California pursuing a degree in the School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Cognitive Science, Spanish, and the History and Practice of Diplomacy. She aspires to one day soon return to Princeton’s beautiful campus, where she is secretary of the International Relations Council, a tutor with Community House, a SHARE Peer, a member of the Model UN team, and an avid consumer of CJL hummus. Her hobbies include making popcorn, wondering if the popcorn was better last night, and always resolving that it needs more butter.

Trace Nuss is a rising sophomore from Tampa, Florida, concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs and considering certificates in Humanistic Studies and American Studies. As an Outdoor Action Leader and FSI Course Fellow, he will be part of the team welcoming the Class of 2024 to Princeton. Trace is a Matriculate Advising Fellow, a member of the First Year Leadership Cohort, Princeton Pre-Law and SIFP. He also plays club baseball and fences. He’s anxious to make his theatrical debut when campus productions resume. Working with Special Olympics, MYC, and teaching children on the Lakota Sioux Rosebud Reservation, Trace strengthened his interests in public policy, disability rights, and legislative reforms that promote positive social change. He continues advocating for those affected by cognitive and developmental disabilities. He is honored to join Vote 100 and initiate positive changes not only on campus, but beyond the gates of Princeton.

Molly Cutler is a rising sophomore in Mathey College from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, who is pursuing an independent concentration in Linguistics with possible certificates in Cognitive Science, Journalism, and Ancient Greek. On campus, she is a staff editor for the Princeton Progressive, a clarinetist in Sinfonia, and co-Director of Princeton Science Olympiad. In her free time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and watering her plants, and this summer, she will also be working with a nonprofit to rejuvenate and sustain endangered languages. Molly is very interested in solutions to eliminate systemic barriers to voting access, and hopes through Vote100 to encourage voting as an important step towards developing year-round community organizing and activism.

Masha Miura is a rising senior from New York City majoring in the African American Studies Department and obtaining a certificate in the Gender and Sexuality Studies Department. On campus, she is a co-president of Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR), is a Residential College Advisor for Whitman, serves on the Undergraduate Board of Advisors for her department, and is a volunteer for the Petey Greene Program. She has previously been involved in organizing to support legislation that would expand the right to vote in the state of New Jersey to formerly and currently incarcerated people, and is excited to turn towards on-campus civic engagement as a means to continue that work!

Jennifer Lee is a rising sophomore pursuing a degree in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, hailing from Ridgewood, New Jersey. On campus, she acts as a Project Manager with Princeton University Nonprofit Consulting and serves on the Executive Board of both the Pace Council for Civic Values and the Asian American Students Association. She also oversees operations as a senior analyst with Tiger Capital Management, Princeton’s premier student-run investment fund. She works closely with the Undergraduate Program in Law and Public Affairs and has previously worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the Department of Sociology. In her free time, she enjoys reading new books, practicing yoga, and baking in quarantine. Jennifer is incredibly passionate about civic engagement on Princeton’s campus and looks forward to working as a Vote100 Fellow this summer!

Halle Mitchell is a rising sophomore from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and plans to major in Music with Certificates in Musical Theatre, Spanish, and Statistics and Machine Learning. She really enjoys singing, playing the piano, composing, and music directing. Halle is an active member of the Glee Club, the Katzenjammers (in which she is the Tour Manager), and the Princeton University Players (in which she is the Co-Music Manager). As someone who has worked during multiple Pennsylvania elections, Halle is excited to work with Vote100 in order to create more voter engagement on Princeton's campus!

James Lee is an Atlanta native planning on studying in the School of Public and International Affairs. As the Social Director for the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, the Whig Building has become his part-time residential college in addition to Rocky! He is inspired by the history ingrained in the University's campus and hopes to give something back to fellow Princetonians through this opportunity. He is an unwavering supporter of Lebron and upcoming Latina indie artists.

Stephane Sartzetakis is a rising junior from Brooklyn, NY. She is in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. On campus, she is involved with the Menstrual Products Task Force, Projects Board, and Community Action. With no set occupation in mind for the future, Stephane’s aspirations focus around making progress and giving back, and she is looking forward to doing just that with Vote100 on Princeton’s campus.

Kai Tsurumaki is a rising sophomore from New York City pursuing a degree in the School of Public and International Affairs. On campus, he is the Treasurer of Princeton College Democrats, an Ambassador for the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the Design Editor for the Princeton Progressive, as well as serving as a Graphic Design Assistant at the Lewis Center for the Arts. He is currently volunteering with Vote 2020 By Mail, an organization focused on making vote by mail available to everyone for the 2020 election. He is dedicated to civic engagement, and is excited to help increase Princeton’s voter participation as a Vote100 Summer Fellow. Outside of politics, he enjoys painting and movies.

Zachary Shevin is a rising junior and economics major from Boca Raton, Florida pursuing certificates in Political Economics, Journalism, and History & the Practice of Diplomacy. On campus, he serves as Head News Editor for The Daily Princetonian and will be Wilson College Peer Academic Advisor in the fall. He also participates in the Community House Big Sibs mentorship program and the Princeton Jeopardy! Circuit. Through the Vote100 Summer Fellowship, Zack hopes to show campus community members apathetic towards politics the power and importance of their voices and votes.

Hilcia Acevedo is a rising sophomore from the Bronx, NY who intends to major in Anthropology and is considering a certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies, along with Creative Writing. On-campus, she is a member of the Scholars Institute Fellows Program, Community Ambassador for the office of Programs for Access and Inclusion, Advising Fellow for Matriculate, Fields Fellow for the Carl A. Fields Center, member of Woke Wednesdays, and member of the African Music Ensemble. Working as a Vote100 Fellow, Hilcia is eager to make civic participation more accessible at Princeton. During her free time, she enjoys reading, journaling, listening to music and podcasts, going on walks, and spending time with friends.