The Vote100 Mission Statement

Vote100 is an intentional campus campaign aspiring for 100% of the undergraduate student body to engage civically. Our goal is to continue to highlight the critical importance of electoral participation as an essential aspect of a vibrant democracy; we want all members of our community to pledge to participate in all future elections, showing that civic responsibility is a foundational characteristic of what it means to be a Princetonian.

The 2020 Vote100 campaign unabashedly and enthusiastically embraces the challenge that every eligible undergraduate will register to vote and will cast a ballot in all future elections in which they are eligible. For those in our community who are not eligible to cast a ballot in US elections, we invite and encourage them to commit to cast a ballot in every election anywhere they are eligible (i.e. international elections), to work with their peers to foster an energized and engaged voting environment on campus, or to take on personally meaningful civic issues in a purposeful way.

If you are a part of our Princeton undergraduate community, you are a part of Vote100. Join the Vote100 movement by making the pledge to participate in any election you are eligible, and to engage civically through advocacy, service, or any avenue that is personally resonant.